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TM “Flowers of Life”
Соски-пустушки латексні
Соски-пустушки каучукові ортодонтичні
Соски-пустушки силіконові ортодонтичні
Комплекти для годування малюків та соски молочні
Для догляду за малюком

We are happy to present a new line of products for children of our own brand “Flowers of life”.

The new line production deals with higher requirements for quality, improved hardware, a wide range of products and a new presentable packaging. The baby organism is very susceptible to the influence of harmful substances, and therefore, Kievguma LLC uses only environmentally friendly materials approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

When buying goods of a new TM “Flowers of Life”, you can be sure that your child will be completely safe, and you will get a lot of pleasure from the right choice and once again make sure that quality goods are produced not only abroad but also in Ukraine and at reasonable prices.

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