DOOSAN – Best Solution for Production of Accessories (Compression Molds and Stamps)


Дусан уменьш   

DOOSAN – Best Solution for Production of Accessories (Compression Molds and Stamps)

This year «KIEVGUMA» has put into operation more than 10 new production units. In particular, the company has launched a vertical milling work center manufactured by the Korean company DOOSAN.

It should be noted that DOOSAN International Group is placed among the five leading manufacturers of the milling machines in the world. The equipment of this company is a unique solution for automatization of the complex production processes. 

The new milling center is a highly productive work center with Fanuc CNC System (Japan). It is designated for high-precision machining of the complex detail components such as compression molds and stamps, with precision up to 2 microns. It has got a modern design, and is more safe during operation, since the surface of a processing section is isolated. The milling center carries out several functions, including drilling, boring and milling.

A sizable workzone enables the processing of both big and small components with a height ranging from 5 to 400 mm, up to 600 mm in the x-axis, and up to 400 mm in the y-axis. The maximum weight of a blank part is up to 350. 

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The milling machine is equipped with spindle with capacity of 11 kW and rotating frequency of 8000 rotations per minute. A rapid traverse of the instrument between functions enables to cut the time for processing a blank part.

Furthermore, versatility and high productivity are achieved owing to availability of the devices for the automated switching of the tools (with intervals of 1,3 sec) and measurement of the length and diameter of the machining tool. For convenience of an operator, a milling machine is equipped with the screw chip extractor.

 An important  feature of the DOOSAN work center is a high productivity and technological effectiveness of production of different  components, as well as easy-to-operate controls and quick integration into the manufacturing line. The controls of the milling machine are automated, thus it excludes an impact of human error on production and, consequently, eliminates the risk of production of defected products.   

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By applying this equipment, “KIEVGUMA” has succeeded in shortening the time for production of the compression molds and stamps, and in increasing the volume of their production.

Now “KIEVGUMA” is able to accept the orders of the Customers and manufacture the compression molds within a few days or weeks, depending on complexity of an order, thus enjoying a considerable advantage compared with other manufacturers that complete a similar scope of work within a few months.

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