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Membrane Fabric

Membrane Fabric (rubberized fabric) is a technical fabric, rubberized and…

Rubber Check Balls

Scope of use: Designed as an inflatable product from rubber…

Oil and gas industry consumes various rubber products. High-density membrane fabric is produced at “Kievguma” LLC enterprise. Membrane fabric is a technical fabric, rubberized and vulcanized on both sides. Flat membranes are also produced from membrane fabric. Flat membrane are used at different nodes of many machine and appliances, car carburetors, fuel pumps and in gas and fuel injection equipment.

Membrane fabric become widely used in pressure regulators, gas regulators, safety valves, injection system, hydro accumulators, carburetors, gas meters and various pumps. High quality material allow to stand operation environment: air, gasoline, fuel oils and their vapors at vide temperature range (from -600С to +1200С).

Oil and gas economy sector use the following kind of product – rubber check balls. These goods made from rubber plate, produced from oil and petrol resistant rubber compound based on synthetic nitrile rubber. Rubber check balls intend to seal sewer pipelines, gas and oil and water networks during their cleaning and repair. Rubber check balls are functional at temperatures from -200С to +300С. Balls depending on diameter (from 200mm to 1400mm) and use singly. The producer guarantees high quality and items assigned physical and technical characteristics for the distance of 2 years from the date of production with adherence to storage conditions provided by specifications.

“Kievguma” LLC specialists develop new and improved products able to hold more complicated operation conditions.

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