Rubber Weatherstrips
Products for Road Transport

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Weatherstripping for Window Systems

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Sealers for Aluminium Constructions

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Products for Railway Transport Unmolded

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Products for Food Industry Equipment

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Rubber wetherstrip is an element of great importance used for windows, doors, different equipment and other objects separate section tight junction. By means of weatherstrip it is possible to escape air or water encroachment inside one or another object. In case if you are rubber goods distributor searching for safe and high quality rubber wetherstrips, “Kievguma” LLC products will be the perfect choice for you.

Rubber wetherstrips for window systems, automobile and railway transport, items for food processing equipment and for different aluminium constructions are manufactured at “Kievguma” LLC enterprises. Company’s specialists comprehend imperative of the time and they are responsible for the produced items high quality, therefore they permanently use in manufacturing recent developments, advanced technologies, high-precision equipment and the most sustainable and wear-resistant material in production process.

Manufacturing Company gets up and running production of wetherstips for window systems of several-sorted types: «REHAU», «SALAMANDER», «ALUPLAST», «VEKA», «ADOPEN». Mixtures used in the production are differ with high performance and provide solidproof durability for the produced items over a period of 10 years.

High precision wetherstrips for automobile, agricultural, tractor, railway transport and construction machinery are hold on to produce in accordance with approved technical conditions at the Company’s enterprises. The items have special markings depending on intended use of goods.

At the enterprise project specific technical specifications scheduled output of the items contact with food products, food processing equipment components and wetherstrips for aluminium joinery.

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