Pet Accessories
Dog Bone

PURPOSE For younger animals, during the period of active growth…

Dumbbells for Dogs

PURPOSE For younger animals,during the period of active growth and…

“Ring” Toy

PURPOSE For puppies loving to chew something BENEFITS Bright, attractive…

If you love your pets, you should take care of their health and the full leisure. Your small pets certainly need special rubber toys, which will help them to develop properly and harmoniously. Every animal, whether it be a cat or a dog, has its individual features and so it is very important to match toys for it, the most suitable for its age and breed.
The “Kievguma” Company produces different pet toys, including a “Ring” toy designed for puppies, bones for dogs, dumbbell for dogs.
The use of rubber rings, dumbbell or a bone as a masseur for the teeth and gums will helps your dog to not only get off the damaging the furniture and shoes, but also to spend its time playing active games. Robust and elastic rubber will help an animal with the proper formation of teeth and will do absolutely no harm. The goods for animals are very simple and easy to be maintained, it can be easily cleaned of dirt with water and ordinary soap.
“Kievguma” LLC (Ukraine) offers a wide variety of not imported toys for pets, the prices of which are significantly lower than many of their foreign equivalents.

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