Kievguma works and accepts orders

The holiday season is over and Kievguma is working at full capacity. Like everyone else, we’re getting used to the new power outage schedules, and especially not relying too much on them. So, having provided ourselves with alternative sources of electricity, we confidently start the calendar and working year.

Our company already has a number of orders and a rather ambitious plan for their fulfillment. And at the same time, we are always happy with new orders, not only from our range of serial products (which includes about 4,000 types), but also completely new products.

If you think that it takes a lot of time and a lot of contractors to go from an idea to a finished product, then you are wrong. Kievguma is a full-cycle enterprise, you only have to order, we have to design, develop recipes, manufacture molds and dies, and all this is within the walls of our company.

So, we are working, and as always, we will be glad to cooperate.

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