KYIVGUMA is a participant of the Easter auction of children’s artworks

KYIVGUMA always tries to join the good initiatives of the community, of which our company is a part. Therefore, this year the company took part in the auction of sale of children’s drawings and handicrafts at the invitation of the head of Brovary spiritual council, priest archpriest Mykhail Lesiuk, with the proceeds will go to the needs of our military.

To hold the charity event “God will rise – Ukraine will rise! We Believe in the Armed Forces and the VICTORY of Ukraine!”, children of school and preschool educational institutions in Brovary prepared many drawings and crafts. And our company became one of the participants in the auction, purchasing some of the children’s crafts.

We are grateful to the city’s spiritual council for such a necessary initiative and the opportunity to be involved in a good cause. We sincerely believe in the victory of goodness and Ukraine, and we work for it every day!


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