New product – rubber loops for sports FITNESSGUMA

We are pleased to present you our new product – rubber loops for sports FITNESSGUMA!

Our laboratory specialists worked on the creation of the highest quality sports loops, they checked the rubber compound for each type of loop to the smallest details, they tested dozens, if not hundreds, of samples. And that’s why our FITNESSGUMA works equally well at both low and high ambient temperatures. So, outdoor training connoisseurs will highly appreciate the quality of our new products.

And so that everyone can choose rubber loops depending on the level of physical training and desired loads, we have developed three types of loops at once:

– yellow color 15-20 kg

– orange color 25-30 kg

– red color 35-40 kg

For those who have been in sports for a long time or for those who are just planning to – our FITNESSGUMA is suitable for everyone!


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