Dielectric gloves marking standards change

Kievguma LLC is a manufacturer with 90 years of experience. Our dielectric products, including the dielectric gloves, are in demand not only in Ukraine but also in the European countries. The company pays special attention to manufacture of these products and their quality. The life and safety of people using our products is the highest priority for us. Each 00, 0 and 1 class glove before packing is passing special testing, including checking of its dielectric properties by high voltage. Afterwards the tested gloves are marked and packed into hermetic individual and non-transparent packing, filled into carton boxes and taped with Kievguma branded tape. The products which have not passed the testing successfully shall be recycled.

According to the requirements of acting regulatory technical documentation (NPAOP 40.1-1.07-01 (DNAOP 1.1.10-1.07-01) Operations Manual for Electrically Protective Means) dielectric gloves checking frequency – once per 6 months. This period shall be calculated starting from the primary checking date indicated at the marking of each glove (manufacture date – month – year). Any separate stamp regarding testing is not stipulated by the regulatory technical documentation

Each gloves lot shipped to the consumers (distributors, networks or private persons) shall be accompanied with a quality certificate (quality passport) concluding the testing results and information on compliance with the regulatory technical documentation

You can see 3 marking types at the picture below:

  1. Marking made on the gloves starting from 06.03.2019. The marking includes: a “double triangle” sign – according to ІЕС 60417-5216 “Suitable for live work”, gloves size, class, A category, series number (lot number), manufacture date (year – month), Technical Regulations compliance mark. The gloves were manufactured according to ТU U 6-00152253-002-94.
  2. Marking has made on the gloves starting from 18.05.2020 till present. The marking includes: merchandise mark (trade mark) and manufacturer’s name, manufacturer’s website, product name, the “double triangle” sign – according to ІЕС 60417-5216 “Suitable for live work”, class, R, C category, gloves size, series number (lot number), manufacture date (year – month), Technical Regulations compliance mark, number of the appropriate standard of International Eleсtrotechnical Committee (ІЕС 60903:2002), “Operations Manual Introduction” sign. Marking – according to DSTU EN 60903:2017. The gloves are manufactured according to EN 60903:2017 and comply with the Individual Protection Means Technical Regulations.
  3. Marking for dielectric gloves designated for the EU market. The gloves received the certificate of the authorized European body and CE mark.

Kievguma LLC is the first and single manufacturer of dielectric gloves in Ukraine. Thus, we not only check their quality but also improve our technologies setting the trend. Recently we have launched production of rubber dielectric flock lined gloves. The flock lining holds the hand in a better way and is much more pleasant than just a contact with latex. They are mostly used for work at low temperatures of the environment.

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