Happy Vyshyvanka Day!

On May 19, all Ukrainians around the world celebrate the Vyshyvanka Day (embroidered shirt). Therefore, supporting the traditions, today the employees of Kievguma LLC came to work in embroidered clothes.

From ancient times it has been not only a talisman, but also a symbol of self-identification of us as a nation, especially nowadays. It is the unwillingness to assimilate, the desire to have our own path, chosen independently, and feeds us of forces to fight.

Celebrating this day today is a way to show our unity, that we are not just Ukrainians, that we are proud of it. For Kievguma employees to wear an embroidered shirt is not only symbolic, but to show the support our soldiers, to remind them of what they are fighting for.

Happy Vyshyvanka Day, Ukrainians!

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