We are studying and updating our knowledge

For many years, our company has been working in accordance with the requirements of the International standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

However, obtaining a certificate and working daily according to the requirements of the standards are not the same thing. It is a daily painstaking work. In addition, the ISO standard is a flexible system that is constantly updating to meet the requirements of the times. That is why we are constantly “updating” and improving. In addition, continuous training and improving the level of knowledge is not only a requirement of ISO standards, but also a vital necessity.

Since “leadership” is one of the main principles of the ISO system, the first training in this “academic year” was conducted precisely among our “leaders” – directors of the company’s areas.

We have already prepared course materials for the training of managers and employees of all services of the enterprise, and we are drawing up a training schedule.

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