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The younger the age group of consumers, the higher quality the products must have designed for this group, and the greater list of requirements are applicable to the materials used in their production. “Kievguma” LLC produces a wide range of products for children and thereby takes a great responsibility for their health and safety. The company’s specialists know that children are the most demanding and unprotected group, and that every child deserves the best that can be created by adults.
List of children’s products include: latex and silicone dummies, rubber and silicone milk nipple, feeding kits “Classic” with polypropylene or glass bottles, as well as feeding kits “Kitten” with silicone or polypropylene bottles, gum massagers, cups, chain for dummies, bibs, gift sets, kits for medication, cases for dummies “Kolobok (Roly-poly)”, brushes for bottles cleaning. All the products for children manufactured by this company have won the trust of the vast number of customers due to high quality, interesting design, functionality, and wear-proof and safe materials. Child’s body is very sensitive to the effects of harmful substances, so “Kievguma” LLC for the manufacturing uses only environmentally friendly materials and dyes that are allowed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. If you decide to buy any product listed above, you can be sure that your child will be safe and you will get great pleasure from the correct choice and make sure again that the good products are produced not only abroad, but also in Ukraine.

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