Protective Medical Clothing Set Type 2 with PVC coating


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Protective clothing set is intended for protection of skin, clothes and footwear in case of infections.


  • Made of high quality fabric GumaTex

  • Hood, sleeves, shoe covers have special cuffs for a close fit to the body

  • Resistant to repeated disinfection

  • Chemically resistant


Protective clothing set consists of a robe, a hood and high shoe covers.

Protective robe

The back of a protective robe has a wrap which is fixed on the waistline. The neck of the robe is stitched with an elastic knitted band and the back is secured with adhesive tape. The sleeves are trimmed with a solid inside seam of an elastic band that ensures a close fit to the body.

Size range:

No. 1 – size 48-52 (158 ​​to 165 cm high);

No. 2 – size 52-56 (170 to 176 cm high);

No. 3 – size 52-56 (182 to 188 cm high);

No. 4 – size 52-56 (188 to 194 cm high);

No. 5 – size 56-60 (194 to 200 cm high).


Consists of a hood and a neck curtain sewn together. The size and the level of fit to the face is done by two pairs of straps (at the neck and at the back). The front cutout of the hood is sewn with an elastic knitted band.

The size of the hood is 56-60

High shoe covers (mid knee size)

The upper part of the shoe cover is trimmed with a special inside seam of an elastic band that ensures a tight fit to the body. The back is sewn with a strap that allows adjusting the shoe cover to the toe piece. The shoe cover sole is made of double fabric tightly sewn seams.

Shoe range:

No. 1 – up to size 40 (wearing shoes)

No. 2 – from size 41 to 46 (wearing shoes)

Warranty period: 3 years

Packing: plastic bag

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